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English - Tuesday, April 10th 11am-11:45am CDT Spanish - Wednesday, April 11th 10am-10:45am CDT

Full roll out will be on Monday, April 16th.

New Courses!

• Store Safety - Cleanliness and Sanitation
• Store Safety - Fire Prevention
• Store Safety - Floor Monitoring
• Store Safety - Hiring and Training
• Store Safety - Promotions and Committees
• Store Safety - Reporting and Investigation

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When: May 7th – May 10th, 2018 | Holiday Inn Chicago O’Hare in Chicago, Illinois, USA

Speakers: Harold C. Lloyd and Paulo Golezer, PhD.

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Retail Learning Institute – An affordable online supermarket training program.

Retail Learning Institute provides a complete online learning system tailored to the food retail industry. The Institute offers a well-rounded course catalog, certifications, gradebook records for each student, and learning management and reporting tools for managers, along with the option to customize the content and interface.

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