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New Course!
Top 5 Energy Savers

The GSC proudly presents its Top 5 Energy Savers, highlighting
five easy operational practices that can save your grocery store
up to $15,000 USD per year.

New Stocker Spanish Courses!

Reabastecimiento – El equipo

Reabastecimiento – El proceso

Reabastecimiento – Exhibición y Almacenamiento

Food Safety Manager Training

We have developed food and safety online courses that are meant to prepare you

for the Food Safety Manager Training Certification ANSI certified exam.

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Retail Learning Courses!

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Retail Learning Institute – An affordable online supermarket training program.

Retail Learning Institute provides a complete online learning system tailored to the food retail industry. The Institute offers a well-rounded course catalog, certifications, gradebook records for each student, and learning management and reporting tools for managers, along with the option to customize the content and interface.

An Institute Member Case Study: Building Knowledge Sharing Culture to Elevate Customer Service

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Advancing leadership and vocational learning to support the growth of people, workplaces and communities.

The Retail Learning Institute is a people development organization supported by The Coca-Cola Company. The Institute has been dedicated to providing learning resources for food retailers worldwide. As an educational organization, it serves more than 10,000 businesses with blended training programs that include 160+ industry-specific online courses divided into eight different libraries. The Institute also provides retailers and associations with their own branded online corporate universities.

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What Makes The Institute Unique?

New Courses

Top 5 Energy Savers

The GSC proudly presents its Top 5 Energy Savers, highlighting five easy operational practices that can save your grocery store up to $15,000 USD per year.

Alcohol Server Compliance
(SFS Certification) – $

The purpose of the Alcohol Server/Seller Certification training program is to prepare alcohol servers to enter the workforce by providing the required alcohol server/seller information as specified by local regulations.

Food Allergen Compliance
(SFS Certification) – $

This program will provide training and testing relevant to the major food allergens identified by the FDA, identifying allergens in the workplace, communicating with customers and coworkers, and preventing cross-contact.

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