An eye with the word Ransomware and #3 written in front of it.

Crime doesn’t pay, as the saying goes—at least that’s how the saying used to go. In the good old days, criminals had to be physically present to rob you, which meant the risk often outweighed the reward.

But the digital crime of today is a different story. This crime doesn’t involve guns or in-person hold-ups—it involves things we do every day, like opening emails, answering phone calls, or logging on to social media platforms. Worst of all, digital crime is increasingly targeting honest, hardworking independent grocers through ransomware, which means one simple mistake, and your POS system or other important data could be held hostage for a mind-boggling ransom.

This course will cover the basics, examples and ways to avoid ransomware within your organization.

This course has the following objectives:

Video in course:

• Challenge – What Can Retailers Do?
• What Should I Do If I have Ransomware?

Course Duration: 7m

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