The Leadership Journey

The Leadership Journey is about self-insight and culture change.

We believe that the organizational culture can be proactively influenced through shared learning and mutual experiences. Clarifying values, beliefs and “aligning” the entire organization to a purpose is a never-ending job.  Our approach to evolve the culture is by focusing on a challenge or goal and how the organizational culture is impacting the work around that challenge.

For example, many of our projects in retail, address service excellence.  Leaders’ conscious and unconscious beliefs and values drive decisions and behaviors that impact the way people interact, influence others and consequently influence the repeated service behaviors. Leaders of all levels play a key role, that’s why we focus on leadership and provide them with the tools to influence and proactively manage the culture.

Leadership Journey Case Results

At this USA regional chain behaviors were measured before and after a year-long culture intervention. The service behavior change illustrated below resulted from a series of initiatives, focusing on leadership developments, alignment, engagement, and training.  

Retail Leadership Journey

Leadership-Journey. Behaviors, Score Pre and Score Post.

Leadership Journey Director

Paulo Goelzer, Ph.D.

Paulo Goelzer, Ph.D.

Paulo Goelzer, Ph.D, President and CEO, Retail Learning Institute and IGA Coca-Cola Institute.

Paulo Goelzer has lifelong interest in culture and its impact on performance.  As a bicultural and bilingual Scholar-Practitioner, he has been researching the field and leading organization interventions for more than two decades. His doctoral research in the late nineties confirmed the relationship between culture and performance. He co-authored textbook chapters and articles in the field like:

  • Corporate Culture and Organizational Effectiveness: Is There A Similar Pattern Around The World? (Advances in Global Leadership, 2003)
  • Corporate Culture and Organizational Effectiveness: Is Asia Different from the Rest of the World? (Organizational Dynamics Journal, 2004)
  • Pay Perceptions and Their Relationships with Cooperation, Commitment, and Intent to Quit (International Studies of Management & Organization Journal, 2012)

He is a Visiting Scholar in the postdoctoral program at University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, and a visiting professor at the Graduate School of Business at UNISINOS in Brazil. He served as Distinguished Visiting Scholar for the PhD program in Organization Development Program at Benedictine University, and adjunct professor at UNISC, Brazil.

The Institute serves more than 10,000 retail businesses, providing learning solutions, online courses, coaching, culture advancement and leadership development.