Illustration of different deli display cases.

The food bar and deli case must be closed at the end of each day, so the cases may be properly cleaned for use the following day. Food bars are often closed first, followed by your deli case.

Then, general cleaning throughout the department must be completed. And, once a week, a thorough cleaning of the deli case. In this course, you’ll learn the daily closing procedure for both the food bar and the deli case, as well as any general department cleaning. You’ll also learn how to perform the weekly cleaning on the deli case.

This course has following objectives:

• List the steps for closing the food bar and deli case daily.
• Discuss how to handle leftover foods from the food bar or within the deli case.
• Identify general cleaning performed within the deli department
• Describe the weekly cleaning procedure for the deli case

Course Duration: 15m

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