Associate of Science Degree in Business-Retailing

Earn Free College Credit for Your Online Training!


The Retail Learning Institute (RLI) and the University of the Cumberlands have formed a partnership to facilitate you earning a college degree.

Your RLI online training courses will earn you up to
15 credit hours towards an online Associate of Science
Degree in Business-Retailing
from the University of the Cumberlands.

If your store is a member of the RLI or offers you training through IGA, NGA, and MIDA, you can earn 15 hours of college credit free of cost.

-The Associate degree credits can be easily transferred to a Bachelor degree

-If your store does not offer the training program you can join RLI for $900, saving over $2,000 on credit costs.


UC RLI Process

UC Equivalency

      • The candidate must be accepted to University of the Cumberlands

      • The students must plan a degree completion program with their Academic Advisor at the University’s School
        of Lifelong Learning (UC), that included the RLI courses completions and/or planned completions.

      • The plan must approved by the Chair of the Hutton School of Business and the Registrar.

RLI Equivalency

       • RLI courses will be credited as Retailing Practicum
       • A maximum of 15 credit hours can be validated for the practicum
       • The full RLI online learning plan for the UC Retailing Practicum equals 15 credit hour

How are RLI course are converted to college credit?
10 hrs. of RLI online courses = 1 credit hour of the Retailing Practicum

UC Degree Requirements

      • Total of 64 credit hours

            – General Education = 31 hours
            – Retailing Coursework = 21 hours
            – RLI online courses validated as Retailing Practicum (15 credit hours)
            – General Electives = 12 hours

      • Degree completion can be attained in 2 years
            – The student takes two UC classes every 8 weeks

      • Maintain a 2.0 grade point average.
      • Courses in the major must have a grade of “C” or higher.
      • At least 25% of the total credit hours must be from UC.

Complete degree requirements online: Undergraduate Catalog and Business Online Catalog
Convocation, Insights and Leadership requirements are waived for students in the School of Lifelong Learning.

RLI Degree Requirements

A student can start RLI’s Retailing Practicum Learning Plan at any time
        1. Contact RLI for enrollment on the learning plan
        2. Select a Practicum Supervisor (mentor/coach)
               a. Practicum Supervisor Agreement – commitment to validate course work and perform proficiency
               b. Practicum Supervisor Certification – course/guidelines (learning how to supervise a practicum)
       3. Complete the online courses
       4. Submit your Practicum Supervisor endorsement letter
       5. RLI submits your RLI Learning Plan report and certificate of completion to UC

Courses completed within the past 2 years will be accepted into your learning plan.


        • RLI courses
               – 25% of the degree
               – Free for associates of stores using the RLI, IGA, NGA, CFIG, MIDA training programs
               – Students who enroll in the program independently pay $900 for RLI courses, saving over $2,000 on
                 credit costs

         • UC’s courses
               – 75% of the degree
               – $199 per credit hour
               – The estimated cost of the required UC’s 49 credit hours is no more than $11,000 total

Students in this program may qualify for financial assistance

When can I start?

Begin your admission process anytime. Once accepted, you can start the next session (8 week cycle).

UC Admission

Associate of Science Degree in Business-Retailing

1. Complete the online application at

2. The applicant will receive a welcome email with the admissions requirements:
    a. Application fee
    b. Transcripts
    c. Request RLI to send:
        i.  RLI Retailing Practicum Learning Plan Certificate
        ii. RLI course completion report to the Admissions office:
             Mrs. Kirby Lewis, Graduate/Online Admissions Counselor
             Graduate and Online Admissions
             Faulkner Building, 6985 College Station Dr., Williamsburg, KY, 40769
             606-539-4616 Office | 606-539-4534 Fax |

Students can start the application process at any time, and start on the next 8-week session.

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“By partnering with University of the Cumberlands, we are able to offer retail associates
the opportunity to expand educational opportunities in the workplace. Retailers will
find great fulfillment in helping their associates create a path to lifelong success.
At the same time, both associates and retailers will benefit from the increased
on-the-job performance resulting from an advanced retail education.”
Dr. Paulo Goelzer, President and CEO of the IGA Coca-Cola Institute/Retail Learning
“We’re excited to begin our partnership with the National Grocers Association..
We believe education is the key to a life more abundant, and should be accessible to
anyone who wishes to pursue it. For some, a college degree may not have been attainable
or affordable. Through this unique partnership, retail employees will be able to pursue a
quality education while continuing to work and support their families.”
Dr. Larry Cockrum, President of University of the Cumberlands